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Tips, tricks and examples for your investments

We live and breathe short term rentals at The Works Bnb. In this blog we’ll share our tips and tricks and examples we’ve used to turn our vacation rentals from underwhelming and unsuccessful, to stunning and successful.

5 Part Series: How To Make $10k Per Month in Airbnb Revenue

Originally published on Rustic Country Chic, August 2021. Airbnb can be a great source of additional income, and if you get the strategy right, you can make a great business from it. In this 5 part blog series, we’ll walk through our top tips from choosing the right team to making your property stand out…

The Ultimate Airbnb Set-Up List

Originally published on Rustic Country Chic, April 2021. Following on from my previous post on Vacation Rental Business – 6 Tips For Success I had a new host ask me what my ultimate Airbnb set-up list was, and how they could access it. I only had a combination of private Amazon wish list, spreadsheet and…

Vacation Rental Business – 6 Tips For Success

Originally published on Rustic Country Chic, November 2020 If you’ve wondered why I’ve been quiet the past few months, it’s because we’ve been busy: buying, renovating and setting up a brand new vacation rental business – The Hygge Suite. It’s been a dream of mine to get into property investment for a long time, and…

Jo Hanson, The Works Bnb CEO talks about what motivated her to start the business

Jo Hanson, CEO, The Works Bnb introduces herself in this blog. From a young age Jo loved property and interior design. From designing her first bedroom makeover at age 15, to today where she owns a property investment business, and short term rental property management business. It wasn’t an easy road to where she is…

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